Hawker Genealogy


Welcome to the Hawker Family Tree.

This Hawker family originated in South Gloucestershire, UK. and spread to Bristol, Canada and the USA.

There are many variations of the name Hawker. The first recorded Hawker was found in in east Gloucestershire just after 1066. The name originated from a person whos job it was to catch vermin and small aninmals used for food.

With over 11,700 individuals in my family tree it has become unmanageable for a single web site. Therefore it has been split into a number of smaller sites based on major family groups. This means that inevitably there is some overlapping of surnames. The names that interest you may also be found in any of these sub-trees, so it's probably worth checking -


Sumner     Kennett (North Kent)     Kennett (South Kent)     Bruton    Few

Oram    Sherring    Seymour (Dukes of Somerset)     Gum     Shurmer     Hawker