Family of Willliam George Lane HAWKER and Caroline Emma FITZGERALD

Husband: Willliam George Lane HAWKER (1908-1975)
Wife: Caroline Emma FITZGERALD (1907-1986)
Children: Cynthia Sheila HAWKER (1936- )
William Ralph HAWKER (1940-1992)
Marriage 26 Oct 1935 Treharris, Glamorgan

Husband: Willliam George Lane HAWKER

Name: Willliam George Lane HAWKER
Sex: Male
Father: Amos William HAWKER (1877-1930)
Mother: Alice Georgina LANE (1879-1951)
Birth 3 Aug 1908 Treharris, Glamorgan
Death 22 Jun 1975 (age 66) Gravesend, Kent
Cause: Renal failure. Mylomatosis. Congestive cardiac failure
Had Mitral Stenosis operation,

Wife: Caroline Emma FITZGERALD

Name: Caroline Emma FITZGERALD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Jun 1907 London (Shoreditch)
Death 18 Aug 1986 (age 79) Upton Cross, Cornwall
Cause: Ischaemic heart diesase. Athemena
From childhood had ricketts, kidney removed 1938, appendicitis 1946. Cardiac arrest 1968.

Child 1: Cynthia Sheila HAWKER

Name: Cynthia Sheila HAWKER
Sex: Female
Spouse: David John Leslie BEAN (1937- )
Birth 26 Nov 1936 Yalding, Kent

Child 2: William Ralph HAWKER

Name: William Ralph HAWKER
Sex: Male
Birth 28 Jul 1940 Pembury, Kent
Death 8 Jun 1992 (age 51) Gillingham, Kent
Cause: Carcinoma of prostate gland