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Family of William HAWKER and Sophia Drew CASSWELL

Husband: William HAWKER (1848-1939)
Wife: Sophia Drew CASSWELL (1848- )
Children: Kate HAWKER (1889- )

Husband: William HAWKER

Name: William HAWKER
Sex: Male
Father: George HAWKER (1814-1894)
Mother: Hannah DRINKWATER (1819-1897)
Birth Nov 1848 Chaceley, Worcestershire
Christening 5 Nov 1848 (age 0)
Occupation General Labourer
Death 1939 (age 90-91)

Wife: Sophia Drew CASSWELL

Name: Sophia Drew CASSWELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1848 Longdon, Gloucestershire

Child 1: Kate HAWKER

Name: Kate HAWKER
Sex: Female
Birth 1889 Chaceley, Worcestershire

Note on Marriage

The relationships between his first and second wife - both having the same first two names is suspicious, although records show this as correct. They were born in different villages. It could be that 'Drew' is a second Christian name and Casswell the surname.

Presumably William and his first wife did not get married until after having two children.

Regardless, I'm not content with the names and dates of this family group - more research needed.